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Art is a way to express one’s feelings and emotions. Art is defined as “the creation of beautiful or significant things, a particular type of creative production generated by human beings.” An artist makes a piece of art to create an experience for others or show devotion to someone or something of importance. Fahim Somani has created many art pieces, each piece echoing his feelings and emotions. Through different art mediums, some of his pieces reflect geometrical patterns found in Islamic art.

Fahim took inspiration from his family where his imagination was given no bounds, allowing his interest in art to flourish. Even though his formal training was in Accounting, his true calling was Arts and the different mediums of Arts. He has focused intensely on visual arts, painting in most mediums, and writing in calligraphy with pen and ink. Fahim is an accomplished visual artist with many years of creative experience. He is an artist and designer who explores the diversity of art by connecting people from all walks of life through his art. His art reflects his belief, faith, and love for Islam. His art pieces mirror his passion and culture. He is currently expanding his art portfolio while working on various projects simultaneously.

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